Crown Regency Institute of Tourism and Hospitality

Owning to the good and valuable service that J.King and Sons Company, Inc. has imparted to the Filipinos through its chain of Crown Regency Hotels comes the new endeavor of the company to help students with their aspirations: The Crown Regency Institute of Tourism and Hospitality or CRITH.

The Institute started accepting interns last November 16, 2010 from the different universities of the Philippines. In Cebu alone, they have accepted students from University of San Carlos, Southwestern University, University of the Visayas and CTU Main and Tuboran and from then on, have absorbed four (4) outstanding interns to work in the company.

The Institute prides itself in their mission to be able to train interns not only from the urban areas, but in the rural areas as well. As what the Director of the Institute, Shirley Bron pointed out, “Education is open for all. We are not only limited to accepting on-the-job trainees from Cebu, but also in its neighboring towns and provinces”.

A truly significant aim of the Institute is to train their interns with the on hand applications use in the operations itself. With Crown Regency Hotel managers who underwent NC II assessments and are certified lecturers, interns are provided with first hand information about the emprises from operations that they need to know through lectures, trainings and assessments.

The OJT program gives certificate of accomplishment for the OJT hours finished by the students.  Other than the OJT Programs, the Institute will also open the following TESDA-TVET programs this summer, with programs including Commercial Cooking, Front Office Service, Housekeeping, Bartending, Hilot Wellness Massage, and Food and Beverage Service, an intern will have the chance to be assessed in National Certification Level II, III or IV if requested as a follow through all the programs to be well-versed and flexible in all aspects of his or her chosen career.

According to Abby, one of the interns in the Institute and is a student of JE Mondejar Computer College, her experience in Institute has been fun and informative. “I’m happy to be a part of this Institute.  Maganda yong training, they teach us to face reality as you are deployed to the operations,” she said.

Following the guidelines provided by TESDA with its TVET programs, the institute is closely coordinated with the said agency for all their accreditations to ensure that the provision of education and the training abide by the definite regulations and standards. With this, interns are ensured of a quality and standardized education and trainings.

The Institutes H.I.R.E or Hospitality Industry Related Exposure program gives the interns bigger chances of being hired. Being the first Institute located in a first-class hotel, this gives the interns an edge among the others as they are supplied with first hand information and on hand application of key elements needed for them to grow along with the company.

The Crown Regency Institute of Tourism and Hospitality or CRITH will be a great venue for you to reach your goals.