Student Requirements

Before beginning the practicum course, the student should complete the following:

a. Submit the following documents to CRITH Office:

  1. Printed Updated Resume in a long envelope (2 copies)
  2. 1X1 Picture, Colored, with collar (2 pcs)
  3. Signed waiver from parent(s) / guardian (2 Copies)
  4. Signed MOA from College / University / Training Center (2 Copies)
  5. Endorsement Letter from University / College
  6. Medical Certificate
  7. Health Certificate
  8. NBI Clearance

b. Pay the necessary OJT fee at the Accounting Office of CRITH.
c. Attend the scheduled Orientation prior to endorsement.
d. Give copy of the endorsement form to the receiving manager and give another signed copy to the CRITH Office.
e. Secure your OJT I.D. and attend the security briefing.